Is Fear Holding You Back In Your Business?

Are you Tired of Sabotaging Your Own Success?

Time To Change The Narrative So You Can Move Forward For 2021!


Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

As business owners, we know what it is like to have fear in our businesses.

There is so much uncertainty at the moment, people are finding it hard to focus and plan for the future.

We have over 20 years of experience in developing people within their business to ensure success for you and your business.

Want to break free from the protective veil of fear that is stopping you from progressing?

Want to know how to kick fear to the curb in your business?

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You Constantly Hold Yourself Back in Your Business

You play small, stay safe, procrastinate, refuse to commit and take responsibility for what you've created! SO - you're not reaching your earning potential and find it hard to have the income, impact and influence you desire!


You Have Anxiety About The Future

2020 and the pandemic has hit you HARD. You worry about whether you'll still be here in the future and what your business might look like. You often forebode joy, and have the sense that it will all go wrong, you'll fail, be judged and lose everything. When you do get clients, you decide they will leave you because you're just not good enough.


You Have Imposter Syndrome

You question yourself all the time and you don't own how good you are. You compare yourself to others ALL of the time and this holds you back from progressing - sometimes the inertia is so bad that you miss opportunities and make excuses to help you stay in your comfort zone.


You're Scared of Money

You don't price properly, don't follow up your invoices properly and even bury your head in the sand with your business finance systems. Perhaps you don't even consider yourself as owning a business.


You Find It Hard To Make Decisions

You constantly dither and feel like you're winging it in your business. you procrastinate, feel the need to ask everyone else what you should do and can't seem to dive in and take responsiblity.

You Deserve To Have Confidence & Certainty In Your Business.  

Here's how this course will help:


Learn how to identify your fear and your circle of influence so you can gain clarity on next steps


Become stronger and more confident in making decisions so you can move through your fear

Turn Your Fear into Fire

Turn Your Fear into Fire so you can propel yourself forward and get unstuck

Manage Your Anxiety

Gain tools on how to manage your anxiety and hack fear so you can leverage it for good

Break Inertia

Take Action so you break inertia and feel more empowered

Not sure you can do this?

We've got a story for you...

f you're anything like us, usual business worries like cashflow, generating new sales and strategy are an everyday occurrence as a business owner.  

Understanding how to work with fear has been a game-changer for us.

And it's time we passed it onto you!

We've reframed, healed and explored countless, real strategies ....that actually work, to deal with anxiety, procrastination, hiding, perfectionism and stopping ourselves in our own tracks from levelling up, for fear of judgement from others.

Sound familiar?

As leaders of our business, we are able to keep our head about us when others are panicking. Such a great skill to have in business and especially in recent times when so much has been and continues to be uncertain.

The skill and ability to lean into, and leverage our fear to teach us lessons and move the business forward has been invaluable in 2020.

We know how to overcome our fears and anxiety so they can move forward in business......and function in everyday life and we want you to be able to do that for your business and life too.

That doesn't mean that we don't get scared anymore - and of course, we know that a healthy amount of fear or pressure is great for productivity.

What we want to help with, however, is when you get stuck in inertia. Anxiety makes you bolt from the opportunities in front of you and the thought of you being more visible, charging appropriately or being able to lay down boundaries makes you feel sick and want to either curl up under the duvet or run for the hills.

Understanding how to stay grounded, reframe and work through your fears is an essential skill set that will allow you to thrive in your business and life. 

We specialise in helping people thrive personally and professionally.......

Not sure anyone can help you? Think you're too far gone?

STOP! You don't have to accept your anxiety.....

Now, this doesn't mean that we don't feel fear, or anxiety anymore, it just means we have a different skill set to recognise our feelings and behaviour and strategies to help us cope and focus when things get stormy. CAN work on it.

So... are you in?




Fully Downloadable Reference Workbook and Full Digital Access

Meet Your Trainers

Andrea Callanan and Catherine Demaid look after the online training with the multi-award-winning Inspire me. Together these women will take you through a deep dive into fear. Exploring how it's affecting your business and what you can do about it.

Andrea Callanan

Founder and Owner

Businesswoman, Voice, Mindset and Success Coach, Andrea Callanan is passionate about helping people and business find their confidence and their voice.

Over the past 25 years, she has helped tens of thousands of people start and grow businesses, become singers, speakers or leaders and find their self-worth.

A singer by trade, and later a Music Industry Voice Coach and record Label owner, she now speaks, coaches and writes.

She’s the founder and owner of the multi-award-winning Corporate Engagement company inspire me. (

They create proven emotional and financial return with global brands like Admiral, EE, Metrobank, Sky, British Gas, Firstsource, British Airways, Dyson and KFC with their innovative and creative team building, training and workplace choirs.

She has spent the past decade developing senior leaders in global organisations and a further decade unlocking voices of singers and speakers from all walks of life, from the successful and famous to beginners just starting out.

She is the founder of the Unapologetic Success Brand, which includes Self, Business and Voice Mastery and supports high achieving women and entrepreneurs internationally with their mindset, aligned business growth and speaking skills.

As a musician-turned-entrepreneur, quoted in international press alongside influencers such as Gary Veynerchuk and Tai Lopez, Andrea is a vibrant motivational international speaker. She has shared the stage with the likes of Simon Sinek, Sara Blakely, Niyc Pidgeon and Natalie Ellis to name a few.

Named as a top 25 inspirational Welsh woman. Andrea is a small business Guardian Leader of the year. Cardiff Business Entrepreneur of the year finalist, Great British Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and an Insider Magazine Rising Star.

She’s taking her family to Necker Island in 2021 by invitation to mastermind with Sir Richard Branson. She’s a co- author of the number 1 International Business Best Seller “You Are Meant For More” and soon to publish “Find Your Voice, Find Your Confidence.”

Catherine Demaid

Guest Expert

A Member of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Catherine Demaid also holds Membership status with The Institute of Leadership and Management is a qualified NLP Practitioner and qualified leadership coach.  

Catherine has over 25 years experience in the learning & development and business consultancy sectors working across a spectrum of complex organisational structures.   

She's an energetic, ambitious and agile Leadership, Management and Executive Coaching professional with excellent strategic, transformation and organisational effectiveness expertise proven when leading business strategy and driving change.

Catherine is a proactive, collaborative and engaging leader with deep business knowledge, and an outstanding track record leading diverse multi-functional teams to deliver solutions to complex business problems.

Innovative and resourceful, a results-oriented professional with strong influencing and persuasion skills used at Board and employee engagement level in BlueChip, SME, Public and Private Organisations. 

After a move into the Learning & Development sector, Catherine became an Independent Business Consultant and has worked at a Senior Management and Board level in HR, People Development and Strategy in a range of organisational sectors.

This gives her a significant level of occupational competency within business at all levels. She also has highly tuned and effective leadership skills.

Clients include Biomet UK, Public Health Wales, Lloyds Bank, Traveline Cymru, and The Institute of Leadership and Management.     

Catherine’s extensive people management skills and in-depth commercial knowledge ideally places her to drive and lead the success of organisations through it’s talented and valued people.   

Aside from the corporate world, Catherine is also a fantastic 121 coach and looks after women in the self-development world who are going through relationship changes.


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